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Find Your Fit: Our Best-Selling Performance Jogger

V1 ACTV Club Trainer, McKenna shares her thoughts on the newest version of our best-selling Performance Joggers for women, the Performance Jogger - Long....

You know that feeling when you love something but you wish it was just a little bit different? You're happy, you love the way it is, but you can't help thinking just a (tiny) little upgrade would make it unbeatable?!

Well, the upgrade is here for the best women's joggers. I made a wish and it literally came true!

Female Fitness Instructor Wearing Vuori Black Jogger Sweatpants

Hi guys! For those who haven't seen me leading HIIT workouts on Vuori's IG ACTV Club, my name is McKenna. I am a former professional soccer player turned fitness model and trainer in Newport Beach. I've done it all when it comes to fitness and fashion combined.

Your Favorite Jogger, Now Longer

If you love Vuori, you probably have heard of or already love and live in their famous jogger pants. It’s no surprise they are a top seller.

Well, they’ve launched the same, original jogger with a little something extra...literally ;) A LONGER INSEAM. The Performance Jogger - Long is now available with a 27.5” inseam. But don't worry, if you like the regular 25” inseam, they aren't going anywhere. Now they have both!

How To Find Your Jogger Fit
Women's Vuori Outfit Wearing Black Jogger Sweatpants
Women's Vuori Outfit Wearing Black Jogger Sweatpants

I love the Performance Jogger. It is so comfortable, but the one thing I wished was different was the length. I have long legs - I am 5'9". 

Now with the longer inseam, this jogger hits right above my ankle bone, giving it a slightly cropped, ⅞ leg length. If you’re taller like me, I definitely recommend this newer length. 

With 10 years of modeling, I have worn many, many pairs of pants, leggings and activewear. I can honestly say, Vuori joggers are the ones I grab first in the morning, whether I am off to grab a coffee and do errands or hit the couch at the end of the day with a giant glass of wine. From sweating to lounging, they are so versatile and comfortable. And there is something to be said about pants you just can't seem to wash fast enough!

How To Wear Your Joggers

Check out the two ways I styled the same (but different inseam) pairs of black joggers. What is your favorite?

Women's Vuori Outfit Wearing Tall Black Performance Jogger
Women's Vuori Outfit Wearing Tall Black Performance Jogger

Wearing the Performance Jogger - Long with 27.5” inseam

Women's Vuori Outfit Wearing Black Jogger Sweatpants
Women's Vuori Outfit Wearing Black Jogger Sweatpants

Wearing the regular Performance Jogger with 25” inseam

From pairing with just a sports bra to creating an effortless athleisure look, the Performance Jogger is such a versatile piece. I’m excited to add this newer length, with a little extra coverage, to my wardrobe.

Available in Black, Charcoal Grey and Heather Grey, make sure to check out the Performance Jogger - Long, exclusively available online.

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