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Introducing our newest Investment In Happiness Collaborator,
Taylor Knox


We are excited to welcome legendary professional surfer, long-time fitness advocate, and north county San Diego native Taylor Knox to the family.

Taylor Knox competed for 20 years among the world's most elite surfers. He did it after a skateboard injury prompted doctors to tell him he would never compete again.

The secret to Knox's comeback and longevity was embracing a lifestyle of well-rounded fitness, long before it was a part of professional surfing. Knox was among the first wave-riders to embrace yoga in the mid 90s.

Knox had been practicing for ten years, lengthening his muscles and strengthening his core. He exemplified the benefits, laying the groundwork for the type of coastal lifestyle wellness that Vuori is built on.

Part of the "Momentum Generation," with the likes of Vuori ambassador Rob Machado, Knox finished as high as 5th in the world and is remembered for his World Championship Tour victory at the Rio Surf Pro. He's noted for riding a massive 52-foot wave at Todos Santos in 1998 to take the Big Wave World Championship.

Later in his competitive career, he began practicing Kelee meditation, a method wherein the brain unlocks physical abilities that previously seemed unattainable. The practice blocks out negativity and allows Knox to reach new heights.

A living legend, today Knox can be found lighting up his home breaks in Southern California and traveling coastlines around the world. He is the embodiment of health and inspiration.

Welcome to the Vuori Family, Taylor Knox!

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