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Feel Good Fitness Tips

Feel good with these fitness tips that come highly recommended from the team of trainers at DOGPOUND. ...

Feel good with these fitness tips that come highly recommended from the team of trainers at DOGPOUND. 

Dogpound TrainingWe’ve got you covered with arms, legs and everything in between. You might remember Erik, Julia, and Kevin from our DOGPOUND Q&A. They’re back to show us some of their favorite key moves that you can integrate into your existing workout. Even if you are thinking about getting started with a fitness routine but don’t know where to begin, these moves make a great core workout, literally. 

Check out the DOGPOUND videos below to see the proper form for each recommended exercise. You will also learn what muscle group is being targeted and the benefits of each movement.

See how Erik performs these functional upper body moves, utilizing the weight machine.

Low Cable Rope Row

  • Isolates the lower portion of the latissimus dorsi
  • Stabilizes and strengthens core and lower body

Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions

  • Controlled movement works the outer tricep head in back of arm
  • Motion and split stance doubles as core stabilizer

Cable Straight Bar Pull Down

  • Strength move targeting the lats
  • Secondarily works the triceps
  • Exercise best for creating V taper

Julia demonstrates two moves focused on the lower body and one cardio burst that will increase your heart rate and work your entire body.

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

  • With back foot elevated, front foot is relied upon to bear the weight and stabilize
  • Target muscles worked are the quads and glutes

Barbell Deadlift

  • Total body strength exercise
  • Targets lower and upper back while strengthening and stabilizing core
  • Works quads, hamstrings and glutes

Battle Rope Into Burpee

  • Full body strength and cardio blaster
  • Ultimate combo that continues to burn calories hours after workout is complete
  • Targets arms and core
  • Increases heart rate to burn calories

Watch Kevin as he covers full-body conditioning with just a few moves.

Bosu Ball Spiderman Pushups

  • Targets pecks, triceps and deltoids
  • Stabilizes and strengthens core by bringing in the element of balance
  • Works obliques each time knee touches elbow

    Lateral Lunge With Shuffle

    • Lateral lunge works the gluteus medius which supports the hip joint
    • Shuffle in between acts as a calf muscle activator and mild cardio burst

    There is no time like the present to jazz up your fitness routine. Thanks to the trainers at DOGPOUND, you can level up your training with just a few moves. As you incorporate these fitness tips into your workout, it’s important to remember that feeling good is more than just physical. Balance your routine with mindful practices, such as yoga, stretching, and meditation, to really invest in your happiness and set the tone for a strong 2020.

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